Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adventures in Minecraft - Part 2

The continuation of my minecraft adventure, I've been exploring in this part. There are number of great natural formations and it does seem like an incredibly promising seed so far! I'm enjoying the water and lava flows out of the mountains.

In the next part I plan on moving to a rooftop home and then off I'll go caving, I really don't expect to find some diamonds but I would like to come back with some arrows/string to make a bow and a load of iron to help me on my way.

A new morning breaks in the world of minecraft

Scary creatures haunt the hills

An awesome looking cliff edge with lava and water flowing down

A look out into the distance, I spot a cave.

Another amazing water flow down the side of the mountain

A close look at the lava flow

A deep pit with some precious resources inside

Night sets in on my second day

My haul for the day
Anyway onwards to the screenshots now!


  1. Awesome, what is the texture pack?

  2. Yea Im curious as well on the texture pack

    sweet pics by the way

  3. Wow really awesome series you should definitely record while your exploring i think most people miss out on the fun of exploring in minecraft and go straight to building

  4. does one have to purchase this game?

  5. Following this blog, keep going

  6. I have recorded some videos in the past of exploring, if there is a high enough demand for it i'll upload some here.

    The texture pack is gerodoku it is very good. There is a free version of Minecraft on the official website but I'd recommend buying it, its much more advanced.

  7. Hmm... interesting... I always wanted to dip into minecraft. Nice screens, man.