Friday, April 15, 2011

Humble Indie Bundle

The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle is now available, I've purchased and suggest you all do the same. Donate what you can to charity the premise is really very good.

Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor and Splot will all be redeemable on Steam, OnLive and Desura so be sure to get them and take part in the great event.

"Trine is a physics-based action game where three characters allow clever solutions to challenges created by hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies. The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics - each character's abilities and tactics can be used to invent new ways to overcome obstacles and save the kingdom!"

The mushroom forest of Trine
"Shadowgrounds is an action experience combining modern technology with addictive playability"
The action experience of Shadowgrounds!
I'll try and post a little in detail about these games in the coming weeks but for now I suggest you all pick up these titles and donate what you can to the charity and the developers, it's really a great cause.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adventures in Minecraft - Part 2

The continuation of my minecraft adventure, I've been exploring in this part. There are number of great natural formations and it does seem like an incredibly promising seed so far! I'm enjoying the water and lava flows out of the mountains.

In the next part I plan on moving to a rooftop home and then off I'll go caving, I really don't expect to find some diamonds but I would like to come back with some arrows/string to make a bow and a load of iron to help me on my way.

A new morning breaks in the world of minecraft

Scary creatures haunt the hills

An awesome looking cliff edge with lava and water flowing down

A look out into the distance, I spot a cave.

Another amazing water flow down the side of the mountain

A close look at the lava flow

A deep pit with some precious resources inside

Night sets in on my second day

My haul for the day
Anyway onwards to the screenshots now!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adventures in Minecraft - Part 1

Here it is, the start of my new Minecraft adventure. I can't remember the name of the seed I used, I plucked it out of the air and it happened to generate quite an interesting world which you'll see in the coming days.

This post will just cover my first night in Minecraft, I start by finding a place to set up camp for the night, finding basic resources and protecting myself from enemies. I thought it would be cool to go out and get some red wool to make a carpet too so there's a bit of that in there. The first night is just the standard setup but you can begin to see what I hope to do in the coming days as I keep updating.

Anyway here are a few screenshots of the first night just to get the ball rolling, hope you guys enjoy it.

The view from my spawn

A promising Island to explore

Looks pretty good! I have some wood so lets begin

A temporary shelter

Some coal I found on the way to light up the place

The shelter is made, I'll show you inside soon

I ground up some flowers to make red dye.. Red Wool

I've sheared some sheep and have a fair bit of wool now

A cave I found as I was making my way back home for the night

Night time, and my home has some carpet.
It's not much but it will do for now! The next day I go out exploring and see what's happening in the cave, you'll see that in my next update, but that's all for now people.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Minecraft 1.4 and my plans

Well Minecraft 1.4 has made it out into live, Loving the wolves! I've just started a new world and will start posting my sole journey in the world of Minecraft, I'm trying to make a fun and exciting world and really be creative so any suggestions would be welcome.

Hopefully I'll have a new post up tomorrow detailing what I've done so far as I've already started crafting my world and hollowing out a mountain base but I want to expand and truly be 'epic'.

Anyway here is a list of the latest patch notes, the achievements and statistics coming soon do look promising:

* Added tameable wolves
* Added cookies
* Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position
* New Minecraft logo
* Holding shift while climbing will hang on to the ladder
* Spiders will no longer trample crops
* Lots and lots of infrastructure for Statistics lists and Achievements

Crysis 2 Thoughts

My first blog post,

I have just completed Crysis 2 and have a couple of thoughts about the game. Yes it really isn't as graphically intense as its predecessor but what it offers is a continuation of the unique gameplay that the franchise offers. I really enjoyed that Crytek has decided against buying into the whole "play the game via cutscenes" approach that most development studios tend to do these days.

The end of the game really leaves a huge door open for future developments in the franchise in a number of new and exciting settings which is something I'm looking forward to a hell of a lot, roll on the future of Crysis 2.

The multiplayer has gone the way of Call of Duty, in as much as it now has classes and a leveling system similar to it, however the gameplay is still incredibly unique in itself for an online experience and something you can't get from any other game. Hopefully I can share more thoughts about the game as I go through it online.

These are just my first thoughts on the game, I'm hoping to continue with writing about things of interest mainly gaming and development/other technology.

Signing off for now